Dear divers and friends of the Red Sea beauties. I have been diving in Red Sea for years and I am still amased. I want to share my impressions through the web.

If you like diving or you want to try diving, my friend Nashaat can help you. Nashaat is a great guy and very good diver with a lot of experience and empathy. Nashaat is willing to dive with small groups or even individuals. He is a certified diving instructor. He can dive with non divers or children. Especially underwater photographers enjoy his individual approach and patience.

Diving here means a boat diving. A boat trip is also nice for non diving accompany. Water is warm even in winter, it does not go below 20 C deg. Nashaat will collect you at your hotel reception in the morning and he will bring you back in late afternoon. It is a good value for the money, you do no pay anybody between you and Nashaat.

Contact e-mail is: martin.sanca@potapeni-egypt.cz

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